Global Warming?

Oh yeah, it was hot, Hot, HOT today! Spent Sunday night with old and new friends, BBQ Tri Tip and Chicken did not disappoint. We stayed up way to late and woke up to light sprinkles in the morning. Hard to believe as it was already well into the 70’s. 🙂

I really enjoyed the track today, spent my time working on controlling the throttle in corners, and still trying to get my butt off the seat. As the temps rose, it was clear that our time together was limited. After the lunch break it was just too dang hot to enjoy the track, so we all decided to pack it in and save it for a cooler day.

I’m going to have to keep my track time limited to Spring and Fall, as the Summer months are just too devastating. I’m going to try to get in a few more dates before the end of the year. Let’s Ride is such a great group to ride with, and I look forward to our next day together!

Let’s Ride Track Days

Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Janman Shop

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